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Shang Ke yi with Hunan SATELLITE TV happy shopping, explosive to create playboy brand socks products sales!

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At the end of 2005, Hunan Radio, Film and Television Group and Hunan SATELLITE TV jointly invested 100 million yuan in the establishment. In March 2006, hunan Happigo Home Shopping Co.,Ltd., a joint venture company, was opened and operated. Starting from "TV department store and chain operation" and positioning itself as "media retail and e-commerce", Happy Shopping is committed to cross-industry, cross-media and cross-regional development, and has grown into a new generation of domestic home shopping industry leader in the past 12 years.

According to the latest news from Venture Capital Times, Happy Shopping, an e-commerce company controlled by Hunan Radio and Television Group, has launched its IPO plan and plans to be listed on China's growth Enterprise Market, or it may become the first e-commerce stock on the growth Enterprise Market.

Shang Ke yi as a well-known socks industry brand in China, from more than 30 years, has been widely welcomed by the market and customers favor, the first landing in Hunan TV that is, and fast Tesco program group quickly reached an agreement, pushing its agent's international brand "Playboy", 12 pairs of high-grade combed cotton socks.


Quality assurance of brand socks

The event was a great success when it was just listed, and there was an endless stream of phone orders. This is also no wonder, supermarket a pair of brand socks generally want 10 yuan or so, and the activity authentic playboy this activity dynamics is big, big welcome!