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Shangke Yi Knitting Co., Ltd. gave special holiday gifts to 9,326 poor students

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On the eve of Children's Day, 9,326 poor students in Changning received a special gift. On May 29, Hunan Shangke Yi Knitting Co., Ltd. donated materials to help students in Jintang Resettlement Residential area in Yitan district, donating 112,000 pairs of socks with a total value of 950,000 yuan for the city's poor students, to encourage them to work hard and repay the society.

"It's the most thoughtful gift I've ever received," said Zhang Jiayi, a sixth-grader at Quanfeng Primary School.

Zou Xiao Wei, general manager of Hunan Shangke Yi Knitwear Co., said: "To send a love and a small gift to all students from poor families in the city, so that they can concentrate on their studies, is also a demonstration of our responsibility as an enterprise."

At the scene, Shangke Yi knitting Co., LTD was awarded "charity enterprise". The company is a collection of research and development and production in the integration of foreign trade private enterprises, established in Changning poverty alleviation workshop 18, let more than 500 poor households in the door employment. Affected by the epidemic this year, the company is facing a crisis. With the help of preferential policies such as poverty alleviation for consumers in Zhuhai, the company has timely adjusted its product mix and shifted its export to domestic sales. At present, the production capacity of enterprises is back to normal.
市政协主席Gong Zhigui, municipal Standing committee, united Front Minister Zhang Bin, Vice Mayor Yuan Liming, city CPPCC vice chairman, chairman of the Federation of industry and commerce Pan Fang to attend.